Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Update and review of TimeSpace website

What's the Mission of TimeSpace here?  TimeSpace Chronicles and ChronoCosmonomy

archive image (below): Tasciotti's Laws of ChronoCosmonomy: TimeSpace-Waves firstever painting by Ohdavam circa2021

ChronoCosmonomy: TimeSpace-Waves firstever painting

Try this for a Realization: this website/blog is under the domain name (url) of timespace.  That's actually a tall order.  Because TimeSpace is the main terminology for the ChronoCosmonomy. In other words, TimeSpace is the colloquial version of the more scientific knowledge of the ChronoCosmonomy magnum opus.  One is Science discipline and the other is how that Science is being applied in a practical and specific example, an immersive and exhaustive project.  Well, that project of practical application of ChronoCosmonomy is the epic ongoing movie-series documentary entitled "TimeSpace Chronicles"! 

This should be the gateway intro for all of TimeSpace Chronicles and I have to change/update the descriptors herein.  It is not just about Gold Mine Gang.  But what is the reason for the confusion or if it's not confusion, then it's merely the inception of TimeSpace.   The reason is because the epic of Gold Mine Gang = wave#F is the chosen as the flagship.  It is the recommended first viewing for all newbies.  Of course, use your free will to decide.  But we recommend this one as the first you view, don't let us have to say "we told ya so".  It is hard to explain why it should be first, although these superlatives come to mind - famous, quintessential, dramatic, saturated, classic, mythical, etc.  The Gold Mine Gang series has everything in it to make it stand strong as a major, legendary story of human drama and pure survival in a declining civilization.  It is tragedy and comedy all at once.  

Having said that and promoted the Gold Mine Gang series as part of the full ongoing movie-series, we are going to open up the realization fully with the big fact that all the movie-series in this series of series is huge and epic.  Each one is unique and actually can stand-alone on its own merit.  Each one does not even have to be part of the linear flow, it has enough within itself to be a complete epic.  That is the amazing thing about the timespace waves, it has done that to the life and times of Tasciotti.  You are hearing it directly and seriously, the events which have transpired are literally one miracle after another miracle.  As if miracles were supposed to happen rarely or once in a lifetime.  I had no idea I should believe that, as my life just kept rolling and giving me miraculous experiences! 

That's what I wanted to say about the purpose of TimeSpace and the project of the Syndicate of Milkyy Media.  Please check it out and enjoy, as you are shown miracles - they can start happening to you too. 



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