Tuesday, November 10, 2020

TimeSpace Chronicles Wave #0 (zero)

TimeSpace Chronicles 

Wave #0 (zero)

This was the happiest of times, the most naive of times.  This was to lead to the most sadness and bitterness, though bittersweet tears, so bittersweet.

If we go back in history to Wave #0, we arrive at the most recent major turning point of the human civilization.  At this point, it was possible to say the past was culminating and represented in this particular wave.  It also became possible to say that the future was about to begin, the science-fiction predictions were to partially come true into our mundane lives.  The future of our new life had arrived, the future of technology and the future of our wretched artificialized souls.  This was the penultimate meaning of turning point of history and the biggest paradigm shift we had seen in hundreds of years. 

ahgameN keyboA was leaving modern society and going back to the land.  ahgameN started his farm homestead and woke everyday to the sounds of his roosters crowing.  His wife Karen Marie was pregnant and would give birth to their daughter child in the Spring, making the family of three, all Gemini sun signs (according to the tropical Zodiac).  Little did they know it would all come crashing to a tumultuous tragedy in about 2 years.  

The story is told in the movie "Legend of Finchville", the beginning of Emma'gone, 15yearsGoneby.

pic of Emmanuelle, Legend of Finchville, by Director Tasciotti movie circa 1991 1992

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